Hop Harvest

I recently put together a little project over at I Drink Good Beer called Iron Hog. I tagged along with mobile beer canner, Iron Heart Canning and Connecticut beer maker, Black Hog Brewing, as they harvested local hops, brewed a batch of beer with them and ultimately packaging it into cans earlier this week. Below are some selects from the project as well as the film. Enjoy.

Hop Harvest-17

Hop Harvest-14

Hop Harvest-13

Hop Harvest-10

Hop Harvest-9

Hop Harvest-8

Hop Harvest-7

Hop Harvest-3


Canning Day

Canning Day-14

Canning Day-13

Canning Day-12

Canning Day-11

Canning Day-10

Canning Day-9

Canning Day-8

Canning Day-7

Canning Day-6

Canning Day-5

Canning Day-4

Canning Day-3

Canning Day-2

Over all I am really pleased with the content that came from this project. The film came out great and the beer you see is quite tasty as well. I hope to work in more of these little fun films over the next year at I Drink Good Beer. They are fun to make and always tell a great story.