Recently I had the pleasure of helping my good friend shoot this gorgeous 69 Camaro. At a first glance it may appear like a clean show car but I assure you it is much more than that. The late 60’s muscle car has received a meticulous restoration by builder Brent Jarvis of Performance Restorations located outside of Chicago and is hands down one of the most unique vehicles I have worked with in a while.


The owner of the vehicle, Mike LaRocca. Mike is a great guy and most certainly has a passion for cars. We all have our dream cars and Mike’s is a 1969 Camaro SS.


Recently selling the shop, this was the last car Brent built with Performance Restorations and one of his favorites by far.


Brent has been racing and building vintage cars for some time now and spent a lot of time with Mike working out the details of the build to make sure the car was perfect. Both in looks and performance.


This 69 Camaro features a 572ci Dart aluminum block making over 800 horsepower.


Underneath you won’t find the original guts of a late 60’s camaro. What you will find is something for the new era. A Schwartz G-Machine chassis from Schwartz Performance out of Woodstock, Illinois.


Upgraded brakes and suspension components make this car perform better than it did when it came off the showroom in 1969.


The interior of the car is simplicity at its best. The roll bars and simpson harnesses let you know this thing is ready to attack the track.




The 69 Camaro SS is one of the most iconic muscle cars out there so owner Mike LaRocca wanted to keep the car as stock looking as possible.

While I only took a few photos for this post, this particular piece is about the film I helped Chris on. I am beyond excited to share it with you and I hope you enjoy the film as much as I do. Check it out and feel free to share it with the car nuts in your life. The car is a work of art and deserves attention on many levels. Cheers to Mike and Brent. Thankyou for putting together such amazing car.