A few months back I had the pleasure of traveling down to Louisville, Kentucky with my friends from Carton Brewing. The reason behind the trip was a night well spent in Boston at Beer Advocate’s, Extreme Beer Fest(EBF). It was here that Carton Brewing and Against The Grain hit it off, and decided that a collaboration project would be a great excuse to hang out again and ultimately have something fun for drinkers at this years EBF. I have been following Against The Grain for a while now so you could imagine I was beyond excited for this project as soon as Augie told me about it. Their beers are world class, and the guys behind the brew are some of the nicest folks I have met from any brewery. This film was a blast to make, and most certainly one of my favorite Carton edits to date. I can’t thank Carton and Against The Grain enough for the opportunity to share this story with you all, and hope that those going to Extreme Beer Fest next weekend get to try this Jersey/Kentucky collaboration. Cheers!