2015 was awesome. There is not much more that I can do other than to thank a whole bunch of people for making things happen. Here it goes.

Clubloose Freedom Moves-10

Clubloose Freedom Moves-4

Media Clubloose


I finally got my ass back to the track. I miss hanging out with my pals in the drift scene, it’s not easy taking time away from people that you spend whole summers with. They are hands down some of the best dudes in the country and it was a pleasure to see a lot of them this summer. Drifting is where I was first inspired to shoot and I will be damned if I ever it let it go. Thanks and cheers to all my friends at the greatest place on earth.

Monticello Motor Club-115

Monticello Motor Club-64

Monticello Motor Club-61

Monticello Motor Club-6

Aside from getting back to drifting events, I was able to make a return to Monticello Motor Club. This place is gorgeous and I can’t thank the whole gang enough for the opportunity to work there this year and my buddy Chris for recommending me for the job. It was a real pleasure and I hope to do more with them in 2016.



Porsche Club Of America-28

Porsche Club Of America-46


Kevin Ginsberg Black Quattro 4

Getting back to the track refueled my passion for cars in general and it was a pleasure to work with people like Paul Miller Racing, The Porsche Club Of America and individuals like Mike LaRocca and Kevin Ginsberg.

Interboro NYC-3

Bolero Snort Pina Bullada


Canning Day-5

Other Half Brewing Hop Showers Brian Casse 4

Other Half Forever

I Drink Good Beer is something I am most passionate about and has brought me places I never thought I would go. Going on it’s 6th year, my team and I have put up some of the best original content in the beer world and I can’t wait to crank out more in the new year. Thanks to Carton, Iron Heart, Garden State Brew Fest, Mohawk House, Interoboro NYC, Black Hog, Bolero Snort, Other Half and basically everyone that was featured on the blog.

Carton Brewing Harvest-7

Carton Brewing Harvest-2

Carton SS Yirgacheffe Casse-3

Carton Brewing has been a supporter of my work since the beginning. Working with Augie and the gang has opened a lot of doors for me in the brewing community and introduced me to some of the best people in the industry. Cheers to the gang that covers the world in orange.


Speaking of Augie Carton. He brought me on board his latest project, Steal This Beer. I can’t thank him enough for this opportunity. Our recordings make Monday’s the best day of the week as we drink brews with some of our favorite beer makers and writers around the country. 2016 is going to kick ass. Cheers to our constituents, Justin and John! Here is to stealing more beers in 2016.

Canning Day-7

Canning Day-9

Being a freelance artist is not easy. Whether you are just starting or well established, there is always going to be hurdles and you find the money isn’t always there. When things were slow I found one of the greatest jobs on the planet working with my friend Tyler at Iron Heart Canning. This job has now landed me a bigger role with the company and I am eager to see what the future holds. Cheers to Tyler and Ann for growing this canning behemoth.


Family and friends are¬†everything. Although you always make new friends throughout your life, it’s the people at home that are the best and are always there to support you. So thanks and cheers to all my friends and family around the world.

Mark Lenardon

Inspiration comes in different forms for different people. After losing my dear friend Mark over the winter I decided I need to take my life more seriously as you never know when it will be cut short. Mark would always push me to make better videos and I most certainly learned a lot from in the short six years we knew each other. I miss him a lot like most people and I will never let him go. I will always look back on him as one of my major inspirations in life. He made every day count and took a chance on a career in LA that landed him a great gig. If I learned anything, you have to knuckle down and keep your nose to the grindstone. Great things happen to those that work for it and Mark did just that. As I said a real inspiration.

That about wraps it up for 2015. Thanks for all your support whether it was minimal or huge. It means a lot to me and at the end of the day it was all impactful. I know 2016 is going to be a great year. Cheers!