FILM – U.S. Drift | New Beginnings

This year I have the pleasure of working with U.S.Drift. For those that don’t know, U.S.Drift is a pro-am series for amateur drifters in the North East United States. They have been on a hiatus the past few years are proud to announce their return. I go back with the guys from U.S.Drift for the past few years attending their events up and down the East Coast, so when they asked me to produce them a series of films for their 2013 series, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. All together I will produce them a video from each round telling the story of U.S.Drift from its history to it’s reincarnation. The first film was to get back in the swing of the things and let the U.S.Drift staff talk about their return and the reason for it. I also interviewed a hand full of drivers to get their input on what it is like to have a pro-am series to run and what they think of U.S.Drift as a whole. Stay tuned for Part 2 in a few weeks.

Role – Director, Editor, Shooter