Ryan Tuerck Monticello-5

It was about 5 years ago that I first did some shooting with Ryan Tuerck at this illustrious facility and I am stoked that I got to return for some more. It’s not everyday Monticello lets in the drifting type. But when your friend is the track manager, you can definitely pull some strings. Check out the latest episode of Tuerck’d below and enjoy the photos.

Ryan Tuerck Monticello-24

Ryan Tuerck Monticello-3

Ryan Tuerck Monticello-4

Ryan Tuerck Monticello-23

Ryan Tuerck Monticello-28

Ryan Tuerck Monticello-8

Ryan Tuerck Monticello-21


Ryan Tuerck Monticello-13


Ryan Tuerck Monticello-11

Ryan Tuerck Monticello-10


Ryan Tuerck Monticello-27

Ryan Tuerck Monticello-17

Just in case you were wondering about Ryan’s previous Monticello experience. Check out the video below.

Thanks to Ryan, Andy, Jacob and Monticello for having me out once again. I hope that this may open up some more opportunity for drifters to come in for the future.