Ferrari 308 GTB

While I was at Paul Miller shooting over the weekend I couldn’t help to notice some of the customers that brought out their other rides. One of the cars on the lot was this super clean 1979 Ferrari 308GTB owned by car collector, Kevin Ginsberg. The car is most famous for being Tom Selleck’s companion in the show Magnum PI and one of the most beautiful cars that Ferrari ever put out. I am sucker for the cars of our days past, especially Ferrari, so it was only fitting that I had myself a little shoot with this cool two seater.

Ferrari 308 GTB 2

Ferrari 308 GTB 4

Ferrari 308 GTB 6
Front to back, this car looks amazing. The lines on it are so good, and one of the best looking cars Pininfarina ever designed.

Ferrari 308 GTB 8

Ferrari 308 GTB 7

Ferrari 308 GTB 3
The interior is quite simple yet stunning.

Ferrari 308 GTB 9

The Marmitte Ansa system was a nice touch to the car. A true Italian sports car needs a good exhaust.

Ferrari 308 GTB 5

As the weekend went on, I couldn’t stop talking about this car. It is a great to see a nice example of one that is daily driven by people like Kevin and I can’t thank him enough for bringing it out. By the end of the day this car had as many people around it as the race car inside. I am hoping we can dive into this car a little more with Kevin in the future, so stay tuned.