FILM – Carton Brewing Company | Ship Wreck Porter

The lastest film I did for Carton Brewing is live. Almost a year in the making it is one of my favorite films to date and one tasty beer. Enjoy the film and if you can join me at the brewery on October 14th from 10am-3pm. Check out the details below and enjoy the film.

Roll – Director, Shooter, Editor

The Beer: Shipwreck Porter

The Deal: We have made a 32oz growler for the release of Shipwreck Porter. It will be $20 full with the beer and will be reusable with us and places that fill other people’s growlers. There will be a limit of 3 per person.

The Day: We will open the tasting room for this beer on Monday, October 14 from 10am until 3pm. Half of what we pull out of the 10 barrels we have will be offered in the tasting room on this day, and anything left over will carry over to regular tasting hours the following weekend. The other half of the beer will be saved for special events.