I first met the Burial Beer guys when they came on Steal This Beer. I have been thankful enough that I have been able to grace their brewery a lot this past year and I am real excited to have brought my camera on the most recent voyage.

Burial Beer currently has two locations. The production facility on the out skirts and the original location on Collier Ave. Yes the place that has Tom Selick and Sloth.

I did mention the production facility earlier and what a glorious place it is.

Big ass fans and everything you ever wanted for your brewery.

Augie from Carton Brewing was in town brewing up some special with the Burial Boys.

After the brew was over we ventured around the property. I don’t want to lend too much to what is going on there but there is a lot of great structures and some cool things left behind.

A lot of the buildings on the property are currently used for storage and grain but will eventually turn into some fun and exciting things that is sure to make Burial a destination for all.

Although this trip to Asheville was brief, it felt like a week and I cannot thank Burial enough for the hospitality. If you haven’t been Burial or Asheville. You owe it to yourself as a beer drinker to go and enjoy all the town has to offer. Cheers!